How Does A Good Brand Help My Business?

Brand identity is key to your business’s marketing strategy. It makes you recognisable, builds trust, and inspires customer loyalty. Creating a strong brand identity should be one of the first things you consider upon starting your business. It will ensure the positive perception it stands for becomes associated with your company. Good branding can aid […]

Top Irish Brands and Why They’re So Successful

Aerial image of Dublin, Ireland showing offices of top Irish Brands

Ireland is a small country with a population of just over 4.9 million people, but it has a rich culture and a thriving business sector. Irish brands are known for their quality, innovation and unique branding strategies. St. Patrick’s Day is Friday so what better time to publish this article! In this blog post, we […]

Top Tips When Choosing Your Brand Colours

Why is your brand colour palette so important? When building a brand, your colour palette is one of your most crucial considerations. Along with your tone of voice, fonts and brand values, it helps people understand who you are and why you’re here – which, in turn, attracts the right customers to your brand. “Choosing […]