Podcast 101: How to Use Podcasting as Part of Your SEO Strategy

Happy National Podcast Day! To celebrate, we’ve decided to share our experience, and the tips and tricks we’ve picked up on a recent podcasting project. Over the last quarter, we’ve worked with Seaspray Private and Seaspray Financial to develop their online podcast. As part of the larger project, our Creative and Web teams were brought […]

How To Choose A Domain Name (10 Top Tips)

Choosing the right domain name for your company is so important – ultimately, it’s how your audience will find and remember you. A custom domain will help your website stand out from the crowd and possibly even boost your SEO. But with over 360 million domain names registered, it can be hard to find one […]

Enhancing Your Online Learning Platform with AI

Online courses (or eLearning) have become increasingly popular, with more and more students opting to take part in distance learning courses and open education programs. The use of technology has made education more accessible and convenient for students, but there is still room for improvement in terms of personalisation and effectiveness.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has […]

8 LinkedIn Mistakes You Should Never Make

Linkedin business profile app log-in page on phone

With so many professional and social platforms nowadays, it’s hard to keep track of the rules and if you’re optimising your professional profile in the right way. Many businesses, professionals and marketers get overwhelmed with the number of tools and platforms available and which are best for their time and business. In a lot of […]

The power of video: supercharging your marketing strategy

As the online community grows, so do the channels available to promote your business. Like other marketers or business owners, it’s important to know which channels to use when promoting and what the best options are when targeting your audience. Video marketing describes the use of video content to promote or inform audiences about your […]

Google Analytics: What is GA4 and should I make the switch?

As of July 1st 2023, GA4 was made the default version of Google Analytics and will be the sole option for analytics tracking. If you need to ask yourself, ‘should I switch to GA4?’ then you’ve probably answered your own question. But if you’re wondering what GA4 is and why you need it, read on. […]

What Is Personal Branding? And Why is it so Important to Your Brand?

Personal branding has been an important aspect of marketing since its inception. Even in traditional marketing, being recognised as a brand is key to inspiring customer retention, but in the world of digital marketing, your personal brand is essential. But what actually is your personal brand and how can it affect your marketing potential? Read […]

How Web Design Affects SEO

collage of web designs in laptop screen format

Modern businesses are heavily affected by search engine rankings. Climbing to the top of these rankings can help to make your business’s website more visible online. This encourages an increase in web traffic and expanding your client base. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a technique that is used to help increase the ranking of your […]

How Does A Good Brand Help My Business?

Brand identity is key to your business’s marketing strategy. It makes you recognisable, builds trust, and inspires customer loyalty. Creating a strong brand identity should be one of the first things you consider upon starting your business. It will ensure the positive perception it stands for becomes associated with your company. Good branding can aid […]

What is Social Media Management?

Social media has become a key aspect of marketing in recent years and your online presence can make or break your marketing strategy. A solid online presence helps you to communicate with your clients, reinforce your branding and grow your followers. Social media management is crucial to a solid online presence and ensures that you […]