8 LinkedIn Mistakes You Should Never Make

Linkedin business profile app log-in page on phone

With so many professional and social platforms nowadays, it’s hard to keep track of the rules and if you’re optimising your professional profile in the right way. Many businesses, professionals and marketers get overwhelmed with the number of tools and platforms available and which are best for their time and business. In a lot of […]

Could You Benefit From A Business App?

When customers are constantly online, you will want to find ways to beat competitors to the punch by reaching potential buyers before anyone else does. To do that, you need to leverage the most accessible connection possible with users – with a new website or business app on their smartphones today. The average adult spends […]

Email Marketing: 5 Strategies for Better Email Campaigns

Email marketing is an incredibly effective strategy for your brand. However, it isn’t just clicking send on an email to your customers every couple of weeks. Good email marketing begins with using effective strategies. But what are the most effective email marketing strategies? With the increase in interest in digital marketing strategies, it can feel […]

Curating an Online Profile: How to Use LinkedIn as a Small Business

As a digital marketing agency, we’re often asked how social media can be used within a content marketing strategy. Many people think of Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok, when they think of social media marketing, but rarely do people immediately think of LinkedIn. While you may be wondering what the point of using LinkedIn is […]