Why Is Search Engine Optimisation Effective?

Magnifying glass representing the search for effective SEO strategies

When searching for digital marketing strategies, you’re likely to come across the term search engine optimisation, often referred to as SEO, and you’re probably wondering what it is. Search engine optimisation is a digital marketing strategy that aims to improve your business’s visibility in search engine rankings, improving your web traffic and click-through rate. Everyone […]

Branding Vs. Marketing: The Difference Between The Two

promotional materials laid out ready for branding and marketing strategies

Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’ve been thriving for a few years, you’ve probably heard quite a lot about marketing and branding. These two buzzwords float around business a lot, but what do they actually mean? For people not in the know, the two may seem interchangeable, but they are not. Branding […]

What is a Social Media Influencer?

In the age of social media, a brand’s presence on these platforms is crucial to recognition, marketing and engagement. Social media creates a channel of communication between a consumer and a brand, raises awareness of products, and can boost conversion rates on your website. But how do you incorporate social media into your marketing strategy? […]